Chalet Plumeria

This designer dwelling owes its name to the frangipani or plumeria, a flower that blooms in abundance and whose white color creates a spectacular contrast against its green surroundings, just like our unique chalet. Solid walls between mysterious recesses keep out the Caribbean heat. Inside, the recesses serve as a frame for a breathtaking view. At the same time, it will lets in a cool sea breeze.

The ‘secret garden’ theme continues in the design of Chalet Plumeria. The entrance is ‘hidden’ in a private secret garden, a patio or green oasis with tall trees that constitute an integral part of the decor in all the interior spaces.  Here too, the walls have recesses that function as additional lounging areas and as an outside grill. The glass sliding patio doors serve as the entrance, as a way of drawing the patio into the house and increasing the living area.

Once inside, you have an unbroken line of sight all the way to the back. This line is accentuated by a modern kitchen unit, which direct the eye along it.

The ground floor features the kitchen, guest bathroom and bedroom with en-suite bathroom. A glass stairwell around a wild garden takes you to the living room on the first floor. Across a floor void, you can communicate with the kitchen and you can see the Caribbean Sea. This communal area is flanked by a second bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a roof garden.

Here too, the facades with their solid walls generate intrigue with the masterly creation of ‘peepholes’ to the outside. A staircase leads from the roof terrace through an unexpected passage with a view of the Caribbean Sea. This hidden short cut takes you past various important elements such as the bedroom on the ground floor and outdoor showers, in addition to offering access to a private beach.

Chalet Plumeria

Exclusive design


Upgrade 3rd bedroom

The accommodation has been designed specially for the steep rocky incline, with the two levels hugging the rock face. A larger part of the rock face can be removed, making it possible to create a third bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

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