Chalet Nispero

Secret Garden

Chalet Nispero

An elegant chalet for devotees of classical Caribbean architecture featuring an open vaulted ceiling and wooden beams together with symmetry throughout. The design of Chalet Nispero is based on three identical cubes, each with a traditional Caribbean pyramid hip roof that collects warm air and vents it to the outside at the peak.

Privacy and shade are easily created with the adjustable louver slats on the veranda. Behind these are glass sliding doors and the welcoming ventilation and cooling of the interior spaces, while overhanging eaves create shade and temper the summer sun.

Play with the flexible louver slats on the veranda which will give you privacy and shadow.


Entrance, living room and kitchen form one whole separated only by a multifunctional cupboard. One side of the living has sliding glass doors with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.


The kitchen is a place to meet and connect the guest inside the house with the guests staying outside on the main terrace. The sliding glass window in the kitchen can be used as a serving hatch for the bar and dining area outside.  Another clever detail is the raised stone ledge in the entrance hall, which doubles as seating around the stone barbecue area on the terrace. These are important elements that strengthen the special connections between indoor and outdoor space.


Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and its own balcony. Privacy and shade are easily created with the adjustable louver slats on the veranda. The secret outdoor rain showers with tropical plants can be reached from the master bedroom, master bathroom and its balcony terrace.


The bathrooms are located between the two bedrooms and both accessible from the terrace. The perfect secret spot to cool off after a hot day the two private outdoor showers in the secret patio of the master bathroom. The sunshine that falls through the roof opening of the outdoor shower illuminates the master bathroom.

Preview of Chalet Nispero


Upgrade BBQ area

The glass window of the kitchen operates as an hatch to the outdoor dining area. You can upgrade the outdoor dining area to a real BBQ space to prepare the fresh catch of the day at your own terrace. Design the BBQ area together with our design team to make your wishes come true. Another clever detail is the raised stone ledge in the hall, which also functions as a seating place around the stone barbecue area on the terrace.

Upgrade terrace + Jaccuzi

An extension in the form of a wooden sun terrace around the chalet creates the possibility of an outdoor experience with swimming pool, Jacuzzi , showers and spacious lounging areas.  

Upgrade 3rd bedroom

The chalet is designed to maintain privacy for all its guests and has the possibility to extend. You can also choose to add a building element such as a third bedroom with en-suite bathroom. This bedroom can be connected or separated from the main structure. We invite you to let us know what your personal wishes are.

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